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 Feel free to crit me on how I play Proto!Gilgamesh! 

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Player Name: Rozen
Player DW: [personal profile] rozen
Contact: AIM- nfssherlock444 | Plurk- jashinsexual
Character Number: 1

Character: Archer (Real name: Gilgamesh)
Fandom: Fate/Prototype
Personality: As Proto!Gilgamesh is the prototype to Fate/Stay Night!Gilgamesh, there are few similar traits they share, though ultimately, they are different from each other.

Like F/SN's Gilgamesh, Proto!Gil is quite haughty, as he believes that he is the strongest, even if he has been summoned in the Archer class, which is a couple of ranks beneath the classes of Saber and Lancer. However, unlike F/SN!Gil, it's not as extreme, since he doesn't think of himself too much enough to be above everything. He'll be willing to go along with something, sure, but only if he feels like he wants to or if there is something to be gained from it. Otherwise, he simply brushes it off.

Another key difference from F/SN!Gil is that he is also a bit insecure. Even though he proclaims himself to be the strongest, there are times where he'll get a moment of doubt when he sees someone who is apparently better then him (i.e. Proto!Saber). And, when he does, it'll stick to him for quite a while. Once it does, he won't let go of that fact, and will strive to make them see that he is the better out of the two of them. Can't let someone get the best of him, after all.

History: Usual mythological backstory is here.
Timeline: Right in the middle of unleashing Enki upon Saber.

Bab-ilu: Key of the King's Law-

Enki: Sword of the End-

Inventory: His shiny golden armor, his civilian clothes, and his two golden swords.
Link to an image of the character: Pretty fly for an Urukian guy.

Sample writing:
Sample journal entry:


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